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increasing medicare premiums for higher income seniors? woe. how about 50 billion smackers and here's the real smackdown. not a one of these smackers is called taxes. you pay it. they just don't say it to washington and mike emanuel who is all over it. >> reporter: democrats want more tax revel knew as part of a double digit biehl and they include closing loopholes to increase money coming in as a way to do it. republicans prefer to cut spending in a smarter way across the board, cuts known as sequester, and would like to close loopholes as part of tax reform that would lower rates. so nobody is talking about striking a big budget deal because the two sides are very far apart. the word "tax" is a toxic word with the g.o.p. but fees or loopholes may be easier to swallow, and user fee is mine sound friendly. on the airline security fees the idea would be a flat $10 for a round trip flight. if you take three flights you'd only be charged for one initial screening. the administration would like it to be bumped up to 7.50 each way, which they estimate would bring in close to $26 million.
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think that medicare, for example, provides important health security, and people believe social security provides important retirement security. so there's some things that have been done well. they can be done better. clearly when it comes to the affordable care act, there's good parts of the la and no doubt there have been problems and we're in the middle of a big problem with respect to the web site -- >> more than the web site. the perception here, the people are coming to fine that minimums of folks, they lose their policy or keep the policies they have to pay a lot more so it gets back to what nancy pelosi says you have to pass this to find out what's inside this. do you think she knew exactly what was inside this and just didn't want to share it? >> now, look, i think that nancy pelosi understands what is in the legislation -- >> did any of you know this would happen or fear this would happen? >> are you talking about the -- no one could predict the webs had all these problems -- >> the web site is a herculean -- but the millions who are finding they're kicked off their plans or p
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security was changed after time. medicare. it's just that we weren't living in this world where we see every minute of all the problems. so, if it gets fixed and people feel it's a good law, that will change a lot for him. itself doesn't, this is his suggest law. >> how is he using his bully pulpit? >> the question is i think sometime he used it very well and other times not enough. i think that what i don't understand is he had such a great communication ability in those elections and maybe it's harder to be in the bully pulpit. think when he gave the healthcare speech to the joint session of congress. it was good speech, finally explained the healthcare law, and then joe wilson yelled, you lie and that becomes the story. it's very hard to keep a sustained story today when we have breaking news every two minutes. >> you know history better than anyone else. the acknowledge addition between the sides -- agitation between the side, do you think it's really seepingally unique today? i'm looking back at 19 -- >> not as bad as the 1850s, guns on the floor. >> those were the days. >> those
're creating a four-tier system. there will be people with private, commercial insurance. people on medicare. then there's going to be people on obama care and people on medicaid. medicaid is, unfortunately, the lowest tier. obama care's not that much better. the commercial insurers are openly calling it less -- >> even with the higher premiums, it's not going to be much better? >> no. they've managed on to see make it more expensive and degrade the process the obama care reimbursement rates will be skinny in terms of the number of doctors you can see. the commercial insurers are openly calling it medicaid plus. we ought to beef what they were saying. -- to believe what they are saying. >> i thought there was just a doctor shortage. people found it to be incendiary. it feels like certainly there's not going to be enough doctors or wall street medicine to go around. >> i think there's not an overall shortage. i think physician productivity will increase with new technology and aging upon require less intensive medical care because people are aging differently. i think there's going to be doct
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is possible. >>> on the case of the new jersey governor expanding medicare in his state very expensive and not fiscally concern. >> well, rabid let's it rip again. is this the issue that is going to cause a big rift between new and what they call traditional republicans, columnist kailey mac has beeny says expect to see more of it and she welcomes it. why you? you always get this idea that it's going to be very divisive, you say no. why? no, actually, neil, i think it's going to be pretty divisive among the republicans who have chosen to accept medicaid funding, for instance, chris christie, rick scott. 8 republicans who have accepted medicaid funding. neil. simply unacceptable. beats having the healthcare law jammed down my throat. i would rather save my taxpayers money. i control what's being done with that medicaid though in my state. not some bureaucrat in washington, you say what? neil i understand that logic, short-term pain that has to come with long term gain. long term reality of this is you accept the short-term government stippen, in the end your state does have to pay for t
with the division for medicare and medicaid services, although individuals businesses may access quality health insurance coverage in many cases with federal subsidies, some are finding such coverage would be more expensive than their current coverage and may be dissuadessed from immediately transitioning to such coverage. >> what? david read through the writing and came to the conclusion, not happening. his health plan canceled and the new plan he is being offered is twice as much. that's a double shock for you. >> i used to pay 2500s to five months coverage. now that may cover two, so just a little bit of a surprise. >> when did you get that surprise? when did they inform you it was going to be some bad news? >> they informed me september 1st, blue cross here in california, that my policy would no longer be valid, and thankfully in the last couple of weeks, blue cross has given me a three-month extension, which i think is more than the president put down in writing. >> the president remarked yesterday about getting a one-year extension and going slow on this. are you part of that? could you b
into, and to medicare, because they won't have any other choice. we're in the process of gradually funneling everybody into a single pair -- single payer system. >> you think that's where it will end up? >> that's what the goal is. die think that's where it will end up? absolutely not. because they're going to be a number of other excellent plans placed on the table in a relatively short period of time. people will actually have an opportunity to read about these things. they're relatively simple, natureddable, less costly, and be on a web site that works. >> many people say no one has a handle on the healthcare rollout and what was wrong and how to fix this than you do. and since this is a signature big government issue of our time, they say, who better to espouse it than someone like you, so who better to run for president than someone like you. you have heard that many times, doctor. i raise that with you myself. but the drum beat gets louder, everytime we announce we'll have you on i get all these e-mails, make sure you ask him this or that. so, i'm asking you again, are you go
to was the broader promise of the affordable care act. if you're on medicare or medicaid, if you like probably most people in this room, have insurance through your employer, if you're a vet and you get coverage through the va, you don't have to do anything. >> again, not exactly what the president said. just a few days before the october 1st rollout. here's the big problem for the president. not just that the republicans are not buying the explanation. some of his fellly democrats, mary lapidary, has now introduced legislation that would grandfather more people in, so if you did lining your health care you can keep it. she is trying to do away with the cancellations notices. she read cancellation notice on the senate floor last night. >> this is a letter that shawns of people are getting and this should not have been out. we said to people if you had insure yaps yao liked you can keep it. we didn't say if you have insurance you like but didn't met the minimum standard, you can keep it. but the president said over and over if you like the insurance, you can keep it. >> so that's the bottom line. if
dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. >>> this just in. reports of rats abandoning ship. everyone wants to know what happened at the super secret emergency meeting among top-ranking democrats and the president. reports are they wanted to put off -- democratic sources tell me a number of things happened. you did have about 15 democratic senators up for re-election, nervous about defending the healthcare law in 2014, pressing the president to maybe delay enrollment, delay the fines, maybe for a few months, maybe up to a year. i'm told the president pushed back and said he's not going to do that but was open to their ideas, i'm told by democrats in the senate, he was listening to them. they
. the government paid 23 million in medicare benefits to dead patients in 2011. 29 million for drug benefits for illegal immigrants over three years. this is just the waste we need to know about. looking at those numbers, maybe the cupboard is bare because we keep doing stuff like that, that's neither here nor there. what's the make of this? >> it's a very difficult assertion from nancy pelosi to say the cupboard is bare when we spend 3.5 trillion in our budget and 1 trillion dollars debt spending. in all of that spending it's hard to believe there's nowhere to cut. >> here's what i find startling in this whole thing is that if you can argue with the record amount of tax revenue the government had coming in this year, it's obviously not the money coming in that's the problem. it's that to keep up with spending it can't and that's the problem. so they look at the leadership among democratic party that we don't really have to do much about spending. we're spent looking after spending. what we have to do is get more taxes to pay for that spending. that to me seems upside down. what do you make
isn't true. you know that democrats, whenever we talk about making kuds to medicare and medicaid, they're like, no, no, no, food stamps. food stamps right now cost $80 billion this year. and the democrats don't even want to cut, what, $5 billion? it's like every time you want to cut something, democrats say, no, we can't cut it. we have $17 trillion in debt that's crushing this economy and stopping people from hiring and obama care. let's not talk about that job killer. >> this debate will heat up over the next two weeks, i'm convinced of it. ladies, thank you very much indeed. >> thanks. >> thank you. >>> mild or wild? we're already getting a taste of old man winter. will this year be one for the record books? >>> get ready to pay up if you want to heat up. we'll tell you how much, next. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new baru. 'll donate 250
that kathleen sebelius and medicaid and medicare administrator and technology officer were briefed in april and yet, after all these briefings of top administration officials there, was still this blunder. >> you were not briefed at all there was a mckenzie report going on? >> i knew that mckenzie has been brought the to conduct some interviews some assessments and report to our administrator, in which i actually participated in some of hose -- >> you participated in interviews. >> i was not given the final report. >> even even though there were warning signs there were no steps taken to avoid this blunder. that leads some leading republicans to say, heads should roll. >> what this report talks about is chaos. at cms. nobody is in charge. they talk about the fact that you had multiple people that were making multiple changes and major design changes to the system just weeks prior to the testing -- prior to the rollout without testing it. >> reporter: the "national review" is reporting in 2010 administration officials predicted the vast majority of americans with employer-booked health insur
for universal health care, that was nixon. kennedy was for medicare. he described it as a limited plan. he didn't really push for it. his priorities were the tax cut and free trade. >> but we look at these charts. my favorite part of this speech that he gave, where it was before ross perot. you cut taxes, the revenue will grow. that was an abhorrent notion at the time, wasn't it? >> "the wall street journal" editorial opposed it and later said he was wrong. >> why did they oppose it? they fear it would be reckless? is that their view? >> they thought they should cut spending by the same amount to make sure there was no deficit. >> jfk said no, why? >> because he knew that cutting the tax rates would grow the economy. so that the government revenues were higher. but he didn't want a big revenue for the federal government. he just thought people could use the money more efficiently than the government could. they would save and invest. >> where did the democrat party veer after that? >> well, it's a sad story. mcgovern, carter, it took until bill clinton was dragged to a capital gains tax cut by
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)